Sits there and Dies


school doodl

i like drawing people i see sometimes

Commission of anmeichan's really handsome OC Akaru. Thank you for commissioning me!!!


more scribbl y doodles of oz: feat. jorda his apprentice in alcohol/vest-wearing tendencies and deston his husband who belongs to this tool rykeirblitz, who he calls ‘jazzy’ bc of his specialization in that genre

and he will always whisper the lyrics of ‘talk dirty to me’ to him each and every time he has th chance


Comic for my visual storytelling class.

*tips top hat* M’ragtime gal.


it kinda works if I put my hand like this

She says the people stop and stare ‘cause we look so good together


FIVE - Circus-P EP by ShivaTenshitan

Illustration for the cover of Circus-P’s new EP, “FIVE”, featuring Hatsune Miku V3 English.

Video announcement on his Youtube channel:

Releases 11 April 2014.
You can preorder it on bandcamp :